Vaccinated persons transmit Covid-19 more than non vaccinated persons – Research (VIDEO)


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The world is almost on its knees as Covid-19 pandemic continues to assault people across the globe. The virus has since it’s discovery in December 2019 in Wuhan, China been modifying itself to withstand the available treatment and vaccination.

Not long ago, the Delta variant was the talk of town. It was believed to be the deadliest variant as it was resistant to most of the approved vaccines and had high virulence rate.


Today, the variant of the moment is Omicron virus. This virus has been predicted to be over 100% more dangerous than the Delta. Even though a lot is still not known about the South African virus, many experts say it has very high transmission and fatality rates. What is more, it does not respond to any of the available vaccines in the market. This means the world should go back to the tables to develop a new vaccine that can stop Omicron. Otherwise, the future sits on a hung.




While this is being battled, it is emerging that generally, vaccinated persons transmit the Covid-19 virus more than unvaccinated persons. This conclusion was drawn by a group of scientists who conducted a survey into the effectiveness of five of the approved vaccines in UK. The results of the research was published in a medical journal called The Lancet Global Health last month.




This is coming at a time many countries are enforcing mandatory vaccination for its citizens. The marveric communicator cited this report to justify his decision to sue the Nana Addo’s Government for making vaccination mandatory at the airport. He insisted that WHO protocol on vaccination made it by choice and not force.

Meanwhile, an NGO called Advocacy For Christ Movement has joined Sammy Gyamfi in this fight. According to the conveynor of the movement Edem Senanu, there were several researchers that proof that vaccination is not the way to go as far as Covid-19 management is concerned. He was speaking on The Pulse on Joynews today when he made this statement.

We are following this closely and will update followers soon. While waiting for that update, note that it is your social responsibility to to mask up, observe social distancing and hand hygiene. Covid-19 is real.



Watch the 3 minutes video in the link below


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