July 22, 2024


The motorsport world is in grief as they say goodbye to renowned car racer Cameron “Chicken Hawk” Bartholomew, who was from Brisbane, Queensland. 

Fans and competitors alike are in disbelief over his sudden death, mourning the loss of a legend. Come rejoice with us as we remember his amazing journey and his incredible speed. 

During this trying time, our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Chloe O’Carroll, and the rest of his family and friends.

While Cameron Bartholomew’s family deals with the unexpected loss, the cause of his death is yet unknown.

He was 28 years old when he died in 2024.


Did Cameron Bartholomew Have Kids?

We can confirm to you that Cameron Bartholomew had 3 children.

Unfortunately, the name of Cameron Bartholos of ‘s children are not known.



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