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Gigi Riva, the legendary Italian footballer, was born in Leggiuno, Italy, on November 7, 1944. Nicknamed “Rombo di Tuono” (Thunderclap) for his powerful shot, Riva is considered one of the greatest strikers of all time.

Riva’s career began at local club Legnano, where he quickly caught the eye of Serie A giants Cagliari. He joined Cagliari in 1963 and spent the next 16 seasons with the club, becoming their all-time leading scorer with 164 goals. He led Cagliari to their first-ever Serie A title in 1970, a feat that remains the club’s crowning achievement.

Riva was also a dominant force on the international stage. He represented Italy at three World Cups (1966, 1970, and 1974) and the 1968 European Championship, where Italy emerged victorious. He is Italy’s all-time leading goalscorer with 35 goals in 42 appearances.

Riva’s playing style was characterized by his incredible finishing ability, powerful shot, and aerial prowess. He was a complete striker, capable of scoring goals from all angles and distances. Despite his immense talent, Riva’s career was hampered by injuries, particularly a serious knee injury in 1973 that ultimately forced him to retire in 1976.

After retiring from playing, Riva served as Cagliari’s president and later as the team manager and director of the Italian national team. He remains a revered figure in Cagliari and Italian football, and his legacy as one of the greatest strikers of all time is secure.

Gigi Riva
Gigi Riva

Gigi Riva Cause of Death

When Gigi Riva was at his Cagliari home two days ago, he became unwell. the 79-year-old former football player.

Gigi Riva Net Worth

Gigi Riva had an estimated net worth of $10 million at the time he died. He made money from his football career.

Gigi Riva Wife

The renowned Italian football player Gigi Riva had two marriages. His first wife was Maria Teresa Guccini, whom he married in 1962.

Together, they were parents to a daughter named Maura and a son named Alessandro. 1979 saw the couple’s divorce.

Riva wed Maurizia Cavallini, his second wife, in 1981. They stayed wed till his passing in 2011.

Regarding Riva’s spouses, not much information is available. Gigi Riva was a very reserved individual who avoided drawing attention to himself.

It is known, nevertheless, that both of his spouses encouraged him in his work and stood by him through the good times and the bad.

Gigi Riva Children

Gigi Riva’s first marriage to Maria Teresa Guccini produced two children: a daughter named Maura and a son named Alessandro.

Gigi Riva Obituary

Gigi Riva will be buried soon but there is no infomation about his burial. We will keep you updated.



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