July 22, 2024

What is the meaning of a Tourist Visa?
A tourist visa is a document issued by a foreign government that allows travellers to enter their country for tourism purposes. It typically allows travellers to stay in the country for up to three months, although some countries may allow longer stays.

Now that the uncertainty and fear surrounding the pandemic have gradually decreased, tourists are going back and exploring new locations. Now that summer has arrived in India, it’s the perfect time to plan your next vacation to somewhere fascinating and a little bit colder. These are the top five countries to visit with a tourist visa in 2018.

1. Canada
Canada is a lovely and diverse nation with plenty to explore and do. From the lively cities of Toronto and Vancouver to the spectacular natural beauty of Banff National Park and Niagara Falls, there’s something for everyone. However, before planning your journey, make sure to have all the essential documentation for your visa application. As per the latest update, Canada has extended the policy that allows visitors to apply for jobs and convert their tourist status to a work permit until 28 February 2025. Hence, interested aspirants have even more reasons to move to Canada on a visitor visa. With proper planning and homework, a trip to Canada will surely be a memorable experience for you and your family.

2. Spain
Spain has always been a paradise for tourists, with its stunning beaches, happening cities, and rich culture. This year, Spain is expecting a rise in visitors as people look to enjoy its sunny climate and a calm and stress-free way of life. Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville are a few of the cities that need to be on your list of places to visit, if you have everything planned out. You will undoubtedly appreciate the mouthwatering cuisine and fine wine of this amazing nation.

3. Japan
Japan is a mesmerizing destination with an exceptional culture that combines ancient customs and modern technology. When you are in Japan, cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka have some incredible and must-visit places with their own distinct charm and fascinations. From the spectacular cherry blossom season in the spring to the multi-coloured autumn leaves in the fall, Japan is gorgeous all year.

4. Italy
Italy is a dream tourist destination for many around the globe, with its striking cities, appealing towns, and superb cuisine. The go to cities in this magnificent country are Rome, Florence, and Venice, moreover, you must explore the gorgeous landscape and coastline as well. Whether you are an admirer of art, history, or like to relax and be in a fresh and peaceful atmosphere, Italy has something for every kind of traveler.

5. Australia
Australia is a huge and diverse nation with unbelievable natural beauty, from the fabulous beaches to the rocky outback. In the land down under, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are all famous cities to travel to. If you love to boat, fish, sail, dive, snorkel, and swim, you must not miss visiting the Great Barrier Reef. The beauty of the Australian rainforest is also a magnetic charm for many. The cherry on top is Australian wildlife. Australia is home to some of the most distinctive and enthralling wildlife in the world.

These are only a handful of the incredible places that await exploration this year; there are many more. There is a place out there that is ideal for you, whether your goals are to explore the culture, the natural beauty, or the pleasure of beaches. So prepare for an incredible journey by packing your bags, obtaining a tourist visa, and getting set.

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