July 22, 2024

The Debate in Ghana about seeking the passport of a developed country over a PhD from a Ghanaian University has been given a voice because of the economic mess the current government has plunged the country into this is what the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama thinks.

He, therefore, believes that the debate is fueled by the adversity faced by the ordinary Ghanaian due to the economic mess and the unavailability of opportunities in the West African country.

To John Dramani Mahama, if there were good economic conditions in Ghana, there wouldn’t have even been a debate about young Ghanaians seeking opportunities to be cleaners among other menial jobs over seeking knowledge.

“Unspeakable corruption, nepotism, brazen theft, waste of national resources, impunity and general criminality have become the hallmarks of Ghana’s current government. There is widespread despair among our people leading to a whole debate on our social media about whether securing a foreign passport to do menial jobs in Europe is better than holding a PhD in Ghana.

It is a reflection of the adversity into which our nation has been plunged. Otherwise, there is no basis for comparison between a visa and a PhD. A PhD is about learning and Education and a Visa is an opportunity to travel and reside somewhere. You forget that where you are residing there are people with PhDs too. The comparison is not between their PhDs and the fact that you’re residing in their country. Learning and Education is the most important resource a human being can acquire.

If you had a PhD and had the opportunity to travel, you would be a more high-value citizen in the country you have gone to. So that debate should not take place but it is taking place because of the crisis into which this government has plunged our country,” he said.

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