July 22, 2024

A Military man who has given his name as Issah Kudus has questioned the Ghana Armed Forces for their failure to release him.

He says he placed a request and has gone through all the administrative requirements to allow him to leave the Military.

However, he is being frustrated by forces within the Military; something he cannot fathom why.

The soldier in a video that has since gone viral says he does not have the mental fortitude to endure anything in the Military any longer.

“I am a Soldier of second battalion of infantry. I have requested to be released from the Ghana Armed Forces and end my career as a Soldier. On March 2024, I submitted a letter to the Ghana Armed Forces administratively requesting for a compassionate release. I went through my OCs Interview and my COs interview and I insisted I wanted to be released from the service based on personal reasons.

I gave reasons explaining why I cannot be in the Military again. I am the only person who knows what is around me and I don’t have the mental capacity to endure anything in the Military.,” he said.

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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