June 14, 2024


The Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has expressed concerns over the fact that African leaders focus more on crisis management than addressing the fundamental issues bothering Africa.

He was speaking on CNBC when he made this known.

“I’ve been looking at this issue and why we’ve taken so long…60 years after independence to really address some of the fundamental issues that I’ve been talking about. The systems, why we’ve lived with all these problems for so long and not really had that leadership to solve these problems.

Our leadership has tended to focus on crisis management. Successive governments it’s like oil prices have gone up, you have a crisis, commodity prices; political instability; macro instability; that seems to be the focus, crisis management,” he said.

He continued, “Leadership hasn’t focused on the underlying system that drives economic activity. So when you look at this question, you need to think about the future. For the politician generally, the horizon is so short; you are in office for four years, and if you don’t put the country ahead of your own political exigencies, you will do what gets you elected.

I will build a bridge, and I can point to a bridge; I will build a road, and I can point to a road; and so you are in that type of mode of economic development. But if you have to put in the system for digitization, that infrastructure is soft infrastructure. You’re building a national ID card, you’re building a digital address system, and you’re doing all sorts of things that may not be very visible but are much more important.



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