June 18, 2024


Since Amber Hagerman was brutally murdered at the age of nine, her autopsy records have been made public.

November 25, 1986, was Amber Hagerman’s birthdate. Nine years old was Amber in January 1996. She and her family resided in Arlington, Texas.

Richard Hagerman was her father. Her mother was Donna Whitson, who is currently Norris. Ricky was Amber’s younger brother.

Amber’s future seemed promising. On January 13, 1996, though, everything was different.

In the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie grocery store, Amber was riding her bike. The shop had been deserted. Amber went from the parking lot and was taken by an unknown male.

Everyone in the Arlington community was furious. The Arlington Police formed a special team to look into who took Amber.

But despite the efforts of the police squad, Amber’s fate is still unknown. In 2024, her case is still unresolved.

Amber Hagerman Autopsy Report, How Did She Did?

The abduction and murder of a little girl called Amber Hagerman in Arlington, Texas, prompted the development of the Amber Alert system, which is intended to increase safety.

She was abducted while riding her bike with her younger brother, and her body was discovered dead four days later. Regretfully, the offender remains undiscovered at this time.

Amber’s autopsy also revealed that she had suffered severe injuries to her neck. Most likely, a knife or other sharp item caused the incisions.

Amber’s body was also covered in bruises and other injuries. Amber was completely naked save for a single sock on her left foot.

The clothing she wore were never found. She was wearing brown shoes, pink slacks, and a “Camp Heart” t-shirt.

Police learned from Amber’s autopsy that she had survived for two days following her abduction. She was then murdered and dumped in the creek. The cops conclude that someone must have witnessed something significant.

The police investigated a few potential culprits. This was a result of the knowledge they possessed. However, no fresh information was ever discovered.



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