June 14, 2024


Member of Parliament for the Bantama Constituency, Asenso Boakye has denied claims that he camped delegates throughout the night.

According to him, the delegates are people who can give birth to him so there is no way he could have camped them overnight.

He said it’s a figment of the imagination of people peddling falsehoods about him.

“It is a figment of their own imagination. I have not camped anyone. Some are as old as my grandfather, so how can you camp your grandfather? How can you camp your father? So it is a figment of their own imagination,” he said.

On why he went for a morning devotion before the contest, Asenso Boakye said, “That is what I do when I’m going for a contest and some people joined me.”

Asenso Boakye is seeking a second term as a Member of Parliament for the Bantama Constituency. He is in the contest with Ralph Agyapong who has vowed to unseat him.



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