June 14, 2024


Joseph Sinclair was a famous and well-known celebrity photographer.

From music sensations Dua Lipa and Nicole Scherzinger to actor Paul Mescal from Normal People to, most recently, the rising stars of the royal drama The Crown, Sinclair had them all.

According to John Parkinson, Joseph’s representative, “Joseph sadly passed away last Friday.”

A-List celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Dua Lipa, and the cast of the Netflix LGBTQ+ thriller Heartstopper were photographed by Sinclair.

Today, January 23, his agent John Parkinson announced his passing, stating that Sinclair passed away on Friday, January 19.

Joseph Sinclair
Joseph Sinclair

Did Joseph Sinclair Have Kids?

We have no information currently about who the kids or children of the late Joseph Sinclair.



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