June 14, 2024


Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, has asked market women in the Ashanti Region not to vote for people who do not fulfil promises.

He says if they do, promises won’t be fulfilled and their lives will take a bad turn.

John Dramani Mahama cited an example of the burnt Kejetia market that the Vice President promised to ensure was worked on but nothing has been done.

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He assured the market women that he owns the market and will ensure work is done on it.

“Not long ago, the market was destroyed by fire. It destroyed properties worth millions. We thank God that no one died. The Vice President promised to work on the market, but today, when I came, I realized that the promise was not fulfilled.

Don’t worry. It is clear they don’t lie about fulfilling their promises.NDC is coming back to power and when we do we will fix it,” he told the cheering market women.



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