June 24, 2024


Senior Vice President and Policy Analyst with the Imani Centre for Policy and Education (Imani Africa), Kofi Bentil has blamed recent troubling intermittent power outages on the imposition of taxes on electricity and the inability of managers of the energy sector to deal with the recurring power cuts, urging the President to do a ministerial reschedule so as to allow for new ideas.

Mr Bentil, who has come under fire for his seeming silence on the recent power outages, noted that he does not regret his previous protests against power cuts under the Presidency of John Mahama and would protest again given another chance.

“To be clear
The renewed dumsor is terrible and made worse by the totally retrograde taxes on electricity.
I totally disagree with the Ministry of Finance on this. Like the e-levy, It won’t raise significant revenue but will impose hardship.

I think the President should reshuffle his cabinet and clean out the old wood!!
Allow the new ideas to take hold please,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, the Government has said that recent power outages has been due to a hiccup in paying some of their partners in the energy sector, stressing that the cuts are over.

Full comment of Kofi Bentil below:



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