June 24, 2024


The director of elections for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, is of the view that the Electoral Commission should not introduce reforms in an election year.

He is of the view that the recent reforms being pushed by the Electoral Commission are late.

The former Communications Minister believes that the Commission will be biting more than it can chew if it pushes for the reforms, considering all the cumbersome processes they have to go through to get them approved.

He was speaking after all the political parties in the country convened for an IPAC meeting on Monday, January 29, 2024.

“The overwhelming consensus was that considering all the EC has to do between now and the next general elections presidential and parliamentary elections, the EC will bite more than it can chew as an institution if it wanted to add the needed parliamentary processes to change the date for the elections.

In terms of the day of the election, it is something that we all discussed. We are all men and women of faith, and we take issues of religion seriously. We felt that this is something that will be subjected to a broader national discussion so that all shades of opinion can be factored into it for the appropriate decision to be taken,” he said in an interview with Joy News.



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