June 14, 2024


Elle King, the bluesy rock powerhouse, may be known for her wild spirit and raw vocals, but motherhood has added a sweet new melody to her life. 

In September 2021, Elle and her fiancé, Dan Tooker, welcomed their son, Lucky Levi, into the world.

Lucky Levi, affectionately nicknamed “Baby Outlaw” by his mom, has become Elle’s greatest adventure. 

She embraces the messy joys of parenthood, documenting diaper duty, and giggle fits, and first crawls on her social media with genuine enthusiasm. While Elle still rocks out on stage, her heart now melts at the sight of her son’s gummy grin.

Motherhood hasn’t dampened Elle’s fiery spirit, but it has certainly softened her edges. She’s learned to navigate the delicate balance between rocking stadiums and reading bedtime stories, proving that you can be both a badass and a devoted mama.

Lucky Levi is still young, but his influence on Elle’s music is already undeniable. 

Her latest album, “Ex’s & Oh’s,” features a lullaby titled “Good Girl,” a tender ode to her son that showcases a vulnerable side of Elle we haven’t seen before.

As Lucky Levi grows, one thing is certain: he’ll have the coolest mom a kid could ask for. 

With Elle’s fierce love,infectious energy, and rock-and-roll spirit as his guide, Lucky Levi is sure to follow his own unique path, one messy giggle and epic adventure at a time.



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