June 14, 2024


The news of Glen Adsit’s passing and the obituary that followed shocked not only his friends and family but the music industry as a whole.

Hartt School’s Director of Bands was the eminent music education expert Glen Adsit.

Adsit brought a plethora of experience to his job from his previous teaching experience in Michigan and his important duties at the University of New Mexico.

His involvement at The Hartt School included co-directing the “Foot in the Door” ensemble and directing the Wind Ensemble.

He was recognized for exceptional teaching in 2014 with the Larsen Award.

Esteemed Director Glen Adsit Obituary

The poignant obituary of Glen Adsit, the renowned Hartt School Director of Bands, beautifully summarizes his influential career in music instruction.

On January 17, 2024, Glen Adsit abruptly departed away, leaving a deep loss in the hearts of many.

A moving service was held to say goodbye to a man whose dedication to music education impacted countless lives. The music community was present, along with friends and relatives.

Heartfelt anecdotes and tears mixed together during the ceremony as guests considered Glen’s exceptional commitment to his work at The Hartt School.

Glen Adsit Death Cause

The community is grieving and reflecting as a whole because the precise circumstances of his death have not been made public.

Using social media to express their profound loss, the Hartt School Percussion Studio highlighted the influence Glen had on both their life and the larger musical community.



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