June 24, 2024

Erik Prince, the former CEO of the controversial private security firm Blackwater, has sparked outrage by calling for the U.S. to “put the imperial hat back on” and take over African countries that he deemed “incapable of governing themselves”.

In a recent episode of his podcast “Off Leash”, Prince said that the U.S. should intervene in Africa to stop the “invasion” of migrants and terrorists, and to exploit the continent’s natural resources.

He claimed that many African governments are “just criminal syndicates” that “deserve better” than their current leaders.

“It’s time for us to just put the imperial hat back on to say that we’re going to govern those countries. If you’re incapable of governing yourselves because enough is enough, we’re done being invaded.

“You can say that about pretty much all of Africa. They’re incapable of governing themselves and benefiting their citizens because the governments there are all about looting, pillaging, lining their pockets, and going shopping in Paris instead of ruling their countries,” he said.

Prince’s remarks were met with fierce criticism from human rights activists, African officials, and former colleagues, who accused him of promoting a racist and neo-colonial agenda.

They also pointed out that Prince has a vested interest in expanding his business in Africa, as he is the founder and former chairman of Frontier Services Group (FSG), a Chinese state-owned security and logistics company that operates in several African countries.

Erik Prince has a history of involvement in controversial and illegal activities in Africa and other parts of the world.

He is currently under investigation by the U.N. for allegedly violating an arms embargo in Libya, and he was previously implicated in the 2007 Nisour Square massacre in Iraq, where Blackwater contractors killed 17 civilians.

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