June 14, 2024


Comedian Funny Face has opened up about being broke.

He says for the past four years, he has been unable to see his children.


Because he is too broke and cannot cater to their needs and wants.

Funny Face says what’s even worrying in all of this is the fact that companies he influences for are not coming through for him because he has been badmouthed by people.

Apart from that, people who used to help him do not want to see him because of what he did while he was depressed.

Read His Post Shared Via Facebook

Charley man made some bad choices and it has cost me .. heeerrhhh .. if you won’t help me .. pls just don’t destroy me to other companies who wants to use me for ambassadorial deals .. so I can gradually gather some money 💴 small small .. so I can go see my daughters .. Ei no be say I don’t want to see dem .. chaley Shi shi sef man no get .. my everything spoil … youth take dis advice from me .. Never be ungrateful to people who have helped you in life due to the pressure you going through .. 4 years dis I no see my daughters demma face .. cos Charley man damu !! If by GODs grace too .. I wanna use the talent HE ( GOD ) has given me .. to gradually pick myself from the floor aah .. pls stop destroying me to companies !!! WE LIVE WE LEARN !! A situation that has caused me everything !! My hope is built on the LORD .. and I know HE will come through for me .. so allow me .. so I can hustle and gather money small to go see my daughters .. as for baby Kimberlyn, she turned 3 years on the 24th NOVEMBER .. she has never seen me before !! Hmmm life ..



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