June 14, 2024

Ghanaians are expressing strong disapproval towards Member of Parliament Sheila Bartels for her public display of recently graduated police officers from the Ablekuma North Constituency.

In her post on Saturday, April 13, 2024, Sheila Bartels proudly showcased the recruits with the caption: “Freshest batch of graduated police officers from Ablekuma North constituency. We wish you the best!”

Despite the apparent fulfilment displayed by these individuals in the accompanying photos, questions have arisen regarding Sheila Bartels’ role in their recruitment.

While the specifics of her involvement remain unclear, some individuals have insinuated that the legislator may have facilitated their entry into the police force.

These allegations, however, lack substantiation and are viewed by many as attempts to politicize the recruitment process.

Critics argue that such actions undermine the integrity of the security agencies and should not be condoned in the realm of politics.

See her post and some comments below:


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