June 24, 2024


Bright Homenya popularly known in showbiz circles as Article Wan, a Reggae and Afro- Dancehall artiste, has said attempts to break or set records have trended in Ghana.

He said before the Guinness Book of Records leaves Ghana, they’ll have to buy a new book because the number of people who are trying to set or break records keeps increasing.

“As for me, the record I want to break unless I do Ton-A-Thon that is if I buy something and sell it because the Thon Thon is too much for Ghana,” he said on Cape Coast’s Property FM. 

“I’m sure the Guinness Book of Records before they leave Ghana they’ll buy a new book and add it to it because the Thon Thon that people are doing more than Thon Thon Thon.

“Today you’ll see somebody saying they’ll do Talk-A-Thon, somebody says Stand-A-Thon and somebody also says Walk-A-Thon,” he stated.

“Good luck to everybody at least to me I think the Guinness Book of Records thing has also trended Ghana more in December.

“Whatever happens sometimes there is the positive side and there is the negative side also but I always think about the positive side,” he told the host.



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