June 14, 2024

Managing Director (MD) for the Electricity Company, Ghana, Samuel Dubik Mahama, has indicated he has put a stop to attending social events.



His reason is that anytime there are power outages at events he is present at, all patrons of the event look at him with blaming eyes.

This, he says, makes him very uncomfortable in public, hence his decision not to attend social events in the country.

The Managing Director, Samuel Dubik Mahama, was speaking on Accra-based Peace FM when he made this known.

He said while speaking in an interview “This weekend I was telling my father that I have had to stop attending church and other social gatherings for my sanity. Anytime I am at an event and there is a power outage, all the patrons tend to look at me with some form of blaming eye. It makes me so uncomfortable. Sometimes, it is their prepaid, which is finished but they will blame ECG before they even check to see if they have prepaid.”

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