June 14, 2024


Ex-Black Stars defender Samuel Inkoom has denied claims that he has been engaged in Visa fraud.

There were reports on some social media platforms suggesting that he had been involved in Visa Fraud.

The reports said Inkoom had taken money from some unsuspecting people and had failed to secure their visas to the Netherlands.

But in a video reacting to the claims, Samuel Inkoom said he had visited the Cantonment Police Station, where he was said to be wanted, but the police denied knowledge of the incident.

Inkoom says he has since asked his Lawyers to take on people sharing false information about him.

“Artwork going on through social media of somebody claiming something against me. I’ve already managed to contact Police in Cantonment and they have told me this is not coming from them and they cannot do such a thing. I have my own registered travel and tour company so this is what I just want to talk about. I have already given this circulating stuff to my Lawyers to handle it.



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