June 14, 2024


Annie Nightingale, the legendary British DJ, has led a vibrant life that extends far beyond the turntables. 

While her career achievements are undeniably impressive, her personal life, particularly her relationships, have also garnered much interest. Annie has been married twice, each union adding chapters to her remarkable story.

Her first marriage was to writer Gordon Thomas in 1963. Their 12-year union was fueled by mutual passion and creativity. Gordon, known for his thrillers, provided an anchor for Annie’s burgeoning career, while her infectious energy undoubtedly spurred his writing. 

Together, they welcomed two children, Alex and Lucy, who inherited their parents’ artistic flair. Sadly, the couple ultimately drifted apart, amicably divorcing in 1975.

In 1989, Annie found love again with Binky Baker, an actor known for his comedic roles. Binky brought laughter and light to Annie’s life, a perfect counterpoint to the demands of her radio career. Together, they navigated the world of show business, their contrasting personalities creating a dynamic partnership. However, after over a decade, their paths diverged, leading to a second divorce in 2005.

Despite the dissolution of both marriages, Annie has maintained a positive outlook on love. She emphasizes the importance of companionship and shared experiences, valuing the memories created with both Gordon and Binky.Throughout her journey, she has remained a devoted mother and grandmother, her family serving as her constant source of strength and joy.

Today, at 87, Annie remains a beacon of optimism and resilience. While romantically unattached, she embraces life with open arms, dedicating herself to her passions and cherishing the connections she has built. Her story reminds us that love,in its various forms, continues to enrich our lives, even when chapters come to a close. Annie Nightingale, the woman who soundtracked generations, has also woven a personal tapestry rich in love, laughter, and the enduring spirit of resilience.

Is Annie Married or Not?

The late Annie Nightingale was married to men.



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