June 14, 2024


As of January 18, 2024, Jim Irsay is not currently married. His previous wife, Meg Coyle, filed for divorce in 2013, ending their 33-year marriage.

While not his wife in the present, Meg played a significant role in Irsay’s life and deserves mention.

Meg, raised in a large, tight-knit family, brought stability and normalcy to Irsay’s world. When they met at Southern Methodist University, he was the son of a controversial owner, still figuring out his path.

Jim Irsay

Meg provided grounding, supporting his ambition while managing family life as they welcomed three daughters. Together, they navigated the highs of Super Bowl wins and the lows of Irsay’s public struggles with addiction.

However, by the early 2000s, the couple began living apart. Their separation coincided with a challenging period for Irsay, marked by legal issues and public scrutiny. In 2014, Meg officially filed for divorce, a decision made mutually and with respect for their family.

Since then, Meg has pursued her own interests, remaining a dedicated mother and grandmother. She’s involved in philanthropic activities, particularly animal welfare causes, reflecting her lifelong love for animals. She’s also kept a low profile concerning her personal life, choosing to focus on her family and personal endeavors.

Her loyalty, strength, and grace during their togetherness were crucial, and her contribution to their family remains a lasting legacy.

Although their paths have diverged, their lives are forever intertwined, a testament to the complexities of family, love, and change.

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