June 24, 2024


Kamila Valieva, a name etched in the annals of figure skating, is a prodigy whose journey has been as dazzling as it has been tumultuous.

Born in 2006, this Kazani phenom took to the ice at the tender age of three, her talent blossoming under the watchful eyes of renowned coach Eteri Tutberidze.

Valieva’s rise was meteoric. By 2021, she was rewriting history, becoming the first woman to land a quadruple jump in international competition. Her grace and athleticism captivated audiences, earning her the moniker “The Quad Queen.”

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing were supposed to be Valieva’s crowning moment. She led the Russian team to gold in the team event, her ethereal performance leaving commentators speechless.

However, the Games were overshadowed by a doping scandal. A sample Valieva had provided months prior tested positive for a banned substance.

The ensuing legal battle was agonizing. Declared a “protected person” due to her age, Valieva was allowed to compete despite the positive test.

Though she stumbled under immense pressure, finishing fourth in the singles event, the cloud of doping hung heavy.

Kamila Valieva
Kamila Valieva

Is Kamila Valieva Dating?

Kamila Valieva is single and does not have a boyfriend. She has also not made public if she ever dated.



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