June 18, 2024


Ghanaian rapper, Kwame Yogot born Kenneth Kyeremateng has revealed why he has been recording and releasing a lot of songs lately.

According to the ‘Biibi Besi’ hitmaker, the reason why he’s been releasing more songs nowadays is that he wants his friends and family to benefit when he’s dead and gone.

He remarked “Most people don’t understand why I’m releasing so many songs lately but those who’ve followed me for a long time know that’s how I release my songs.

“Even those days when I wasn’t popular I used to release a song today and the next day I’ll release another song because I think about the future,” he told Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Property FM

“As we’re currently living we all don’t know when we’ll get weak or the time we’ll die so if I do a lot of songs and I’m even no more my songs will continue to exist.

He added, “I have two kids and my friends and family can also benefit from my songs including my fans when I’m dead and gone that’s why I record and release a lot of songs”.



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