June 14, 2024


The town as a whole, as well as his close friends and extended family, are all under a pall of sadness following the news of Larry Clanton’s accident and death.

May Larry’s spirit find eternal rest as the condolences flow in, and may the memories of his warmth and kindness provide comfort to all those grieving his absence.

The community’s collective mourning is a reflection of the profound effect Larry had on everyone in his vicinity, and as they grieve together, the resilience that comes from memory and solidarity will stand as evidence of his enduring influence.

Larry Clanton Accident And Obituary

Shockwaves went through the close-knit neighborhood when word of Larry Clanton’s accident broke.

It will take some time for friends and neighbors to heal the void left by Larry’s loss. Larry was well-known for his warmth and kindness, and he left a lasting imprint on Verona.

With his active participation in local events and willingness to assist those in need, Larry Clanton was a pillar of the Verona community.

His dedication to helping others included volunteering for charitable organizations and illuminating even the gloomiest of days with his dazzling grin and laugh.

Larry received a lot of praise and gratitude for his extraordinary commitment to making other people’s lives better.



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