June 14, 2024


Lynne Marta was a popular and celebrated actress from the United States of America.

From Jersey girl to Hollywood fixture, Lynne Marta’s life danced across screens and decades.

With fiery brown eyes and a smile as infectious as a summer chorus, she carved her name in Western sunsets (Joe Kidd), teen rebellions (Footloose), and the quirky charm of 70s sitcoms (Love, American Style).

Marta wasn’t just talent, she was tenacity. Her voice, husky and rich, serenaded Starsky & Hutch fans and her comedic timing left audiences in stitches.

But beneath the laughter, she could turn on a dime, portraying Lulu Warnicker in Footloose – the uptight Aunt, a formidable obstacle to Kevin Bacon’s dancing dreams.

Life wasn’t all spotlights and applause. A romantic whirlwind with David Soul, the echoes of a gunshot shattering the serenity of her apartment building (a witness to Rebecca Schaeffer’s tragic demise), and the bittersweet shadows of loss – Marta faced them all with the same courage she brought to her characters.

After a battle with cancer, actress Lynne Marta passed away on Thursday at the age of 78 in her Los Angeles home. She died on January 11th, 2024.

Lynne Marta
Lynne Marta

Was Lynne Marta Married?

Lynne Marta was married to men in her life. Between 1968 and 1975, actor Brick Huston and actress Lynne Marta were legally wed once.

However, her personal life encompassed more than just her official marriage.



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