June 24, 2024


Alexei Popyrin’s story of rising through the tennis ranks wouldn’t be complete without his parents, Elena and Alex.

They crossed continents before Alexei’s birth, planting their roots in Australia and laying the foundation for his future love of the game.

Alex, his father, played a pivotal role in Alexei’s early exposure to tennis, introducing him to the sport at the tender age of four.

Alexei Popyrin Parents
Alexei Popyrin Parents

Meet Alex Popyrin and Elena Popyrin

But it was Elena, Alexei’s unwavering rock, who became his silent champion. She rarely missed a practice session, cheering him on through wins and defeats, her dedication a constant source of inspiration.

While Alex Popyrin ventured into business, co-founding the innovative Ultimate Tennis Showdown, Elena remained Alexei’s constant fixture, traversing the globe to be present for matches.

Her sacrifice wasn’t lost on Alexei, who openly credits her as the wind beneath his wings. “My mum is my inspiration,” he declared, her unwavering support fueling his ambition.

As Alexei matured, venturing out on his own, the invisible threads of his parents’ influence remained tightly woven. They followed his journey closely, their silent presence a reminder of their unwavering belief.

Elena and Alex Popyrin aren’t your typical tennis power couple. They are the unassuming architects of a champion, the silent cheerleaders who never sought the spotlight.

Their story is a testament to the power of unwavering love and support, the bedrock upon which Alexei Popyrin’s dreams continue to soar.



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