June 14, 2024


Nick Saban, the college football mastermind, may have all strategy and fiery intensity on the field, but off it, a different picture emerges.

He and his wife Terry, married for over 50 years, have built a family rooted in love and dedication.

Their two children, Nicholas and Kristen, were adopted, a testament to their commitment to giving a nurturing home.

Nicholas, the elder, inherited his father’s analytical mind. Like Nick, he pursued a graduate degree, carving his path in the business world. While details of his personal life remain largely private, he continues to be a part of the Saban family tapestry.

Kristen, the younger, embodies her mother’s grace and warmth. Raised in the heart of football towns, she embraced the Alabama Crimson Tide, even working as a student assistant for the team.

In 2014, she married her longtime love Adam Setas, and their family welcomed two precious blessings – daughter Amelie and son James.

Nick Saban Children
Nick Saban Children

Kristen’s journey from cheerleader to mother showcases the Saban family’s emphasis on loyalty and togetherness.

The Sabans aren’t just focused on their own immediate family. Nick’s Kids Foundation, spearheaded by him and Terry, has touched the lives of countless children throughout their philanthropic endeavors.

From supporting education to healthcare, they have extended their family to encompass a wider community.

Nicholas and Kristen, though privately inclined, reflect the values woven into their upbringing.

They demonstrate the importance of following their passions, cherishing family, and making a positive impact on the world.

Nick Saban may be known for his championship rings, but the true legacy of the Saban family lies in the bonds they’ve built and the lives they’ve touched, both within and beyond their immediate circle.



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