June 14, 2024


Musician Shatta Wale says it’s a shame that fans of artistes have been infected by the jealousy of their favourite artistes.

To him, the jealousy will not help Ghana’s poor industry.

Shatta Wale says their jealousy does not matter to him because he is rich while their favourite artistes are not.

His post shared via Facebook read “When I talk and I see these sad fans commenting under post erh , I pity them cuz spiritually their fav’s transferred the spirit of sadness and jealousy into them so they take it everywhere with them 🤣🤣
It’s not my fault your fav is not rich like me bro … I be self-made, and you fav is a china made 🤣🤣 sorry 🙏 pains 🥲🥲. Dem brainwash u oooooo🤣🤣🤣”



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