June 18, 2024


Reggae and Dancehall artiste, Article Wan born Bright Homenya has stated emphatically that there is nothing like a cocoa season in an election year for musicians.

He remarked, “There is nothing like a cocoa season in an election year for musicians, the only thing is that we should all keep it calm and make the election a very safe one”.

According to the singer and songwriter, the struggle for political power isn’t a joke but Ghanaians must keep it cool and safe for a peaceful election.

He said “Elections aren’t a joke because we’re talking about power and sitting at home if your light goes out it’s a problem and that’s what we call power”

He added on Property FM in Cape Coast “When we say power it is very strong and different political parties fighting to gain power is not a small thing and this is the country we live in.

“To me, it’s not our cocoa season but just have a message for everyone and let’s just keep it cool, and safe and let’s have a peaceful election and we move on from there,” he concluded.



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