June 24, 2024


Political scientist Dr. Richard Amoako Baah is of the view that the just-ended internal contest of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will create a deep-seated hole in the political party.

He indicates that instead of uniting the political party, the primaries have deepened the cracks that exist in the political party.

Dr Amoako Baah, who was speaking on Accra-based Joy News, said delegates who voted in the elections voted for the highest bidder and not people who are competent enough.

To him, the results are an indication that the presidency supported other candidates to take out people who were against the Finance Minister; something that will further break the political party.

“As you go along the list, problems, problems, problems, Is the Vice President going to be able to fix this thing before the general election? I don’t know…He does have the time. It doesn’t look good, and as you go along, the things that happened before come back again. This is why we are holding parliamentary elections at this time. Before, we did parliamentary primaries before the presidential, but the opposite happened, telling you that MPs will have to shut up or talk and lose their seats,” he said.



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