June 14, 2024


Elder Amoh Tobin popularly known as Tobinco the CEO of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals and affiliate has revealed how Dr. Stephen Opuni targeted him for destruction. 

In a video interview with Zion Felix going round on social Media, Tobinco revealed how “that man” targeted his business revealing it was the grace of God that made him survive the attacks. 

“The 2013 incident was one of the most difficult phases of my business but I chose to fight back and redeem the business from the young man’s destruction.” The Pentecost Church elder said.

According to Mr. Tobin, Opuni then CEO of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) banged a table and vowed to teach him a lesson by killing the Tobinco business.

“If not for God me and my family would have packed out. After traveling and coming to hustle and build a business, then somebody comes because of political appointment he says I will destroy the business” The Tobinco Boss said. 

“He (Opuni) will take his hand and hit table and say I will destroy Tobinco  business. If he (Tobinco) doesn’t know he should go and ask about me I will finish him.” He added.

Dr Stephen Opuni was appointed boss of the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) by former president John Mahama in November 2013, a role he assumed after serving at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) as CEO under controversial circumstances. 

His five-year tenure at FDA was a heated one. He came against many companies, seized many goods and destroyed same in the name of public safety, and pharmaceutical giant, Tobinco bore the most severe of his brunt.

Tobinco accused the FDA of witch-hunting and had to petition President John Mahama to intervene in the impasse.

Dr Opuni following these events was removed from the FDA by the president and to the surprise of many appointed to head COCOBOD.

But like the FDA, the trained medical doctor’s tenure at COCOBOD was fraught with many allegations of corruption and mismanagement of the sector that employs millions and generates revenue for the country.

He is currently on trial. 

Years ago, The General Agriculture Workers Union (GAWU) and the Industrial Commercial Workers Union (ICU) launched a scathing attack on the leadership of COCOBOD under Opuni accusing him of presiding over corruption.



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