June 14, 2024

With the continuing rise of shaving as a popular and effective method of grooming, numerous brands are popping up on the market. With so many options, it can be challenging to decide or to identify companies who manufacture high-quality products.

Well, we went ahead and did that survey for you and after speaking to experts we put together everything you need for a proper shave. Read on for the best trimmers, clippers and shavers.

A well-loved and talked about brand, oraimo has recently introduced new lines featuring trimmers, clippers and shavers respectively. Highly recommended for the beginner and experienced alike, their products are made with high performance motor and a dedication to quality and excellence. Their green and white with black packaging is easily recognizable and the staple of their products. By briefly thinking about each of your preferences, you should easily be able to land on a quality product that fits with your needs and requirements for the perfect shave. Without further I do, here are the best shaving products for everybody:

oraimo Smart Clipper 2

The oraimo Smart Clipper 2 comes with a super powerful motor. Equipped with a strong vibrating electromagnetic motor, this clipper has an extra powerful blade speed. Also, this motor is energy efficient which is an added advantage. With a 2000mAh battery and a 150 mins runtime. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of battery. It has a long-lasting battery which lasts up to 2.5hrs.

With its high precision blades and different guided combs, this clipper is the ideal choice and works great on all hair types. The taper lever on the clipper allows you to change the closeness of your cut between the guide comb lengths. This is particularly useful for fading and blending as you can be more precise with your cutting lengths. The oraimo Smart Clipper 2 also comes with an LED indicator to indicate power charge which allows you to know your battery level immediately.

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oraimo Smart Clipper

With sharp blades driven by an extra performance motor, the oraimo Smart Clipper with guaranteed long-lasting sharpness is suitable for all family members. Designed to be gentle, this clipper does not produce noise when using it, you can enjoy a carefree haircut easily.

New-user friendly, convenient and comfortable. The all-inclusive kit has everything you need for a proper hair cutting at home or at the barber shop. With the ergonomic handle and the adjustable comb design, it makes you feel comfortable wherever you are.

It is convenient as you can carry it on your trips. It comes with a Type-C charging port which allows charging anywhere at any time. You can easily charge by a power bank or a laptop.

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oraimo Smart Trimmer 2

150-mins working per charge with a long-lasting battery performance; charge your trimmer for 2 hours to get 150 minutes of cordless use or use it plugged in while charging.

Multi-functional Usage – The all-in-1 trimmer for your choice of beard, hair, body, face hair styling and other trimming needs. For the perfect trim, every single time.

Get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. The trimmer’s steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim so they stay extra sharp and effective as from day one.

It is easy to adjust the speed of the trimmer with just one button. And with the special travel lock feature, it prevents the trimmer from accidentally turning on while in a luggage or a bag when travelling.

You press the power button for 4seconds while the trimmer is off to activate the travel lock feature and to turn the travel lock feature off, you press the power button for 4 seconds.

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oraimo Smart Shaver

The oraimo Smart Shaver Rotary Electric Shaver with Pop-up Trimmer has a high-performance motor which gets the job done quickly. With sharp blades driven by extra performance motor, the oraimo Smart Shaver will give you an efficient and comfortable shave.

The 3D Rotary Razor-Smooth Shave follows your face’s contours with flex and floating movements. The head of the shaver reaches your face at the ideal angle and adjusts to the curves of your face and neck, creating smooth contact with your skin. You enjoy a clean and smooth shave.

Up to 90-mins working time – Charge it once, and just chill. The oraimo Smart Shaver with a long battery life enables you to use the device for multiple shaves without the need to run to charge it every other day.

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oraimo Smart Trimmer

Powerful & Durable Motor with Long-lasting Sharpness; To deliver maximum power, the oraimo Smart Trimmer has a full metal motor that’s been reinforced with tempered steel. Fitting in with stainless blades, the oraimo Smart Trimmer creates a clean and smooth trim. It also comes with replaceable stainless blades for every trimming need, your choice of beard, hair, body, face and hair styling.

The LED Display indicates the battery power and prompts you to charge. It’s built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 90 minutes of power time per charge by only about 1.5 hours charging. The new Ultra Quiet Design minimizes noise during usage for a quieter work environment. This product is suitable for all skin types, and it primes every face for a close and even shave.

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Shaving products can be a valuable item to integrate into your hygiene routine. It is a specialized product for easy hair removal, even in sensitive places. For a clean, easy, quick and close shave, you will want to choose a shaving product that works for you. There are products for every skin type and preference. It seems that everyone has something to say when it comes to their opinion on the top shaving brand.

The buying guide above to the best shaving products should help you address some of your concerns, and you will feel confident in selecting a shaving product for your needs.

oraimo prides themselves on their excellent customer service with all orders being dispatched within two working days. They offer free delivery on all orders over GHC90. Register an account with them today on their website via oraimo Ghana Official Online Store You will also receive regular emails with exclusive discounts on your favorite products.

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