June 14, 2024


Member of Parliament for Old Tafo in the Ashanti Region is of the view that people who doubted his capability to retain his candidacy were people who never visited his constituency.

Ekow Vincent observed that some people outside Old Tafo thought he wasn’t loved by the people but he had worked hard and knew that he was going to win the election.

“People who thought I wouldn’t win the elections were people who did not visit the constituency. If you visit the constituency you will realize that I have worked very hard since I was given the mandate in 2020.

I did what the people expected of me, and they rewarded me with victory during the primaries,” he told Umaru Sanda on Citi News.

Ekow Vincent Assafuah, speaking on what the agenda is going forward indicated “I will continue what I’ve been doing. We still have young men and women who are looking for jobs, so we will be lobbying for them. I’ve got a number of projects I’m working on in the constituency, and so these projects will be continued.”

On the government’s intervention in the constituency, he said the constituency has been a beneficiary of road infrastructure.



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