June 18, 2024


Radio and television personality Abeiku Santana says unless you earn from social media, wasting time on the platforms is detrimental to the future of users.

He says if social media users who do not earn on any of the platforms waste productive time watching social media videos and commenting on people’s posts, they have a bleak future.

Abeiku Santana was speaking on Accra-based OKAY FM when he made this known.

He said “You have 24 hours; we all have 24 hours. Some people spend three hours on social media. it is not bad if you’re making money on social media, but if you spend three hours on your social media, you go to YouTube, you watch funny videos, you go to TikTok, you watch funny videos, and you come to Facebook.

You come and comment, you go to Instagram, you go and comment, you go to Twitter X, you go and chat, you come to WhatsApp, and you share videos before you realize that from 9 o’clock it’s now 12 and you haven’t done anything. If you are still doing this in 2024, don’t expect any great future,” he said.



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