June 14, 2024

The #FixTheCountry movement has said several Ghanaians participating in a protest at the Revolutionary Square have been arrested by the police.

According to the movement, the arrest occurred at the protest to mark the anniversary of the June 4 revolution.

The movement posted an update on its X page, saying that even though they gave the police notice of their protest, people were still arrested.

“A number of Young Ghanaians have been arrested at the Revolutionary Square where they were holding a protest, to remind Ghanaians about the conditions that led to the June 4th revolution.

“… They duly notified the Police of the protest. There is no court order preventing the protest from going forth,” the post read.

It added that “The continuing opposition under this Government to the democratic rights of protests makes mockery of what we are without irony calling democracy.

“Everyday we expose our empty claims that life in Ghana today is any different from the military era. Release them now!”

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