June 14, 2024


Professional Counsellor, Dr Lydia Aframea Dankyi has advised that before setting new goals for the year 2024, we must first reflect on the unachievable goals in the previous year.

The Life coach stated that the need for reflection is because we can’t do the same thing in the same manner we did in 2023 and expect to yield different outcomes this year. 

“When the New Year begins we set a lot of goals in our various endeavors like our job, marriage, child upbringing, or your spiritual life and so on,” she remarked on Cape Coast-based Property FM’s Ayekoo Drive.

“But first and foremost we have to look at areas where we want to set the new year goals and reflect on the past year by asking ourselves what we did in that area.

“We need to reflect on the past year and so if you want to set new year goals about the job you’re doing, you sit quietly and see whether the goals are new or those we couldn’t achieve the previous year.

She continued “If it’s an unachieved goal from the previous year, you need to find out what made it impossible for you because you can’t continue to do the same thing the way you do and expect different results”.



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