June 24, 2024


A suspect Kwabena Dennis, who was remanded into police custody in Kenyasi in Asutifi North District in the Ahafo Region, has escaped from police cells after threatening officers with a machete and biting an officer in the cheek for attempting to prevent him from escaping.  

Kwabena Dennis was scheduled for the Kenyasi Circuit Court today January 17, 2024 on charges conspiracy to commit a crime, to wit stealing, causing damage, unlawful entry and stealing and possession of a firearm without authority.

But Kwabena Dennis managed to escape before he was escorted to the court.

According to details available to MyNewsGh.com, he is said to have charged towards the exit of the police station wielding a cutlass. Sergeant Kusi Michael, the NCO of the station, undeterred pursued him and physically tried to stop him from escaping but the enraged prisoner gave him a bite on the cheek and bolted.

It comes to light that the police officers in charge of the police station – the NCO and the orderly Constable Victoria Antwi were apparently negligent in ensuring that the prisoner did not escape. They did not inspect the facility properly to ensure that no prisoner was hiding in a vantage to facilitate their escape and failed to properly lock up all doors.

 They have therefore been given a ten-day period to produce the escaped prisoner or face disciplinary action even as investigations continue.



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