June 14, 2024


Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church in Ghana says he is sorry for his past actions as a man of God.

He says his claims of turning into an animal, among others, were all lies and did not even make sense to him.

Obinim says he is a repented soul now and advises whoever watches him to keep good company.

“I said I could transform into any animal and do what I wanted to people. Those were a mistake. I have the calling of the lord and through my prayers, I can help you but I don’t have the power to transform into an animal and all other things that I spoke about. I’m advising you that you should leave any form of relationship that will not be beneficial to you this year. I’ve been given a second chance and I’ve taken it so do take yours,” he said.

It could be remembered that some three years ago, the Man of God said he transformed into any kind of animal to be able to work in the lives of people.

He gained popularity for some of his miracles and visits to people’s dreams among others.



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