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Norton Shores, Michigan was rocked by the sad events surrounding Timothy Ferguson’s autopsy in July 2022, the son of Shanda Vander Ark.

At his family’s home, Timothy, a 15-year-old autistic kid, was discovered dead and very starved.

Even though the autopsy results were graphic in nature and thus not made public, they nevertheless painted a horrifying picture of the teen’s demise.

The cause of death was determined to be malnourishment, cold, and the depressing impact of long-term abuse and neglect.

In the course of Timothy Vander Ark’s mother’s legal proceedings, the autopsy report provided disturbing proof.

In stark contrast to his previous robust shape, Timothy’s slender build—just 69 pounds—was highlighted in the report, which detailed a horrible tale of intentional maltreatment.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Timothy Ferguson’s autopsy—the son of Shanda Vander Ark—shook Norton Shores, Michigan in July 2022.

Timothy, a 15-year-old autistic child, was found dead and very malnourished at his family’s house.

The autopsy results revealed a horrible picture of the teen’s death, despite the fact that they were graphic in nature and therefore not made public.

Malnourishment, cold, and the depressing effects of long-term abuse and neglect were shown to be the cause of death.
During Timothy Vander Ark’s mother’s court case, the autopsy report offered troubling evidence.

Timothy’s lean frame, weighing only 69 pounds, stood out in sharp contrast to his previous strong form. The report told a horrifying story of deliberate abuse.

Shanda Vander Ark Son
Shanda Vander Ark Son

What Happened To Timothy?

In July 2022, shockwaves went through the quiet hamlet of Norton Shores, Michigan, as the tragic case of Timothy Ferguson came to light.

Measuring just sixty-nine pounds, Timothy, a fifteen-year-old child with autism and ADHD, was discovered dead in his basement.

The autopsy disclosed symptoms of malnourishment and cold, along with a horrifying tale of abuse and neglect.

Vander Ark, Timothy’s mother, skillfully concealed the extent of her son’s suffering behind a façade of normalcy by homeschooling him and excluding him from social settings.

The combination of his challenging background and Vander Ark’s alleged autocratic behavior led to a disastrous outcome.
Vander Ark, a legal clerk, was found guilty by a Muskegon County jury of murder and child abuse, and she was made to pay for her misdeeds.

Timothy believed that he had finally received some justice when the ruling was made in December 2023.

orrifying facts of Timothy’s final days were disclosed throughout the trial, including the fact that he was denied of sleep, forced to take cold baths against his will, and punished with hot sauce.

The defense argued that Timothy’s death was accidental and that his malnourishment was caused by underlying medical conditions.

However, the prosecution painted a disturbing picture of a woman deliberately inflicting her child to suffer intolerably, supported by substantial evidence.



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