June 24, 2024


Military Head of State and President of the Republic of Burkina Faso, Ibrahim Traore has called out Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana for peddling falsehood made about Ghana’s northern neighbour. 

The Charismatic Burkinabe Leader in an interview re-streamed by MyNewsGh.com on Sunday from Radio France International’s Alain Foka said President Nana Akufo-Addo’s allegations last year that Burkina Faso had hired the Russian mercenaries and paying them with a mine is a lie.

Akufo-Addo who was at the US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington had said: “Today, Russian mercenaries are on our northern border. Burkina Faso has now entered into an arrangement to go along with Mali in employing the Wagner forces there”.

Akufo-Addo speaking alongside United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken, also alleged that Burkina Faso had offered the Russians a mine as payment.

In a statement issued after its meeting with Ghana’s ambassador, Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it had “expressed disapproval” about the statements made by Akufo-Addo.

“Ghana could have undertaken exchanges with the Burkinabe authorities on the security issue in order to have the right information,” it said.

Ibrahim Traore Responds 

The Head of State and President of Burkina Faso as himself responded to the claims when asked what his country was giving the Russians in payment for their services. 

He was also asked if he was not replacing one master with another following the exit of France and the introduction of Russia. 

In response, President Traore said he would prefer death than replacing one master with another. 

“If it was the deal to serve one master in place of another master, I would have rather died than do that because We say our ‘homeland or death’.”

On the claims of payment of Russia with mines, he said “It is just the fake news again” and quickly added: 

“And unfortunately we have seen heads of state [Akufo-Addo] who fell into that lies and went to tell the lie that we supposedly gave mines in our southern part to Russia. That’s a lie”. He said.

He went further: “Why give? If the Russians want a mine we have our mining code. They come they integrate and acquire license they pay their taxes and everything they have to do like everyone else. So There is nothing we give the Russians.” He added. 

He said there was a fixation on Burkina Faso’s Relationship with Russia but there are other nations also helping Ouagadougou fight terrorism such as Turkey and China. 

“When did the Russians arrive ? The last time instructors came they come with equipment. And it’s not just the Russians. We have Turks. Chinese. When you sign equipment contract it comes with training. They come they train us. Why don’t they talk about the Turks. They are all here and they train our troops on handling equipment. They train our crew in Turkey and they come here too. That’s the reality.” He said.

He added that there are currently no Russians on the Frontline but he won’t stop them if they wish to join. 

“There are no Russians on the ground fighting. These lies fabricated from people’s head. But if it’s necessary for them to come to the ground they will come . I won’t forbid them. No. But for the moment we are fighting alone.” He said.



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