June 18, 2024


In recent times, numerous reports have emerged that the United States is trying to ensure its military and strategic presence in the Central African Republic. Given the loss of French influence in African countries, this is a great opportunity for the Americans to strengthen their influence in the CAR. And the United States has a proven method for such cases. They generally use intelligence agents, collaborate with armed groups and work under the cover of the UN.

Thus, according to the Nigerian media Naijaloaded, at least two US intelligence agents had arrived in the CAR. Even if the pretext of their arrival in the country was to work within MINUSCA, their real objective is to undermine the security and stability of the CAR.

One of the agents who arrived was development engineer Ian Andrew Beckenbach. Before joining the intelligence services, Beckenbach was a traveler and photographer who decided to become a drone specialist. Beckenbach worked for several years for Invictus Global Services and then for ArgenTech Solutions, Inc., where he gained experience testing and debugging military drone equipment. Beckenbach was recruited by the CIA 4 years ago after his drone filmed a US intelligence center. In 2021, he underwent special training to carry out subversive activities.

The journalists of Naijaloaded found out, that Beckenbach collects data on the positions of the Central African army to coordinate rebel attacks. And there are probably already the first results of its activities. Thus, on the night of November 28, an unknown aircraft attacked the Bossangoa military base and cotton gin plant of the former SOCADA. The attack was carried out by CPC fighters in coordination with the United States.

As for the second American agent, it is Cody Michael Lane. It is known that he began his career in the US armed forces serving at the US military base Arifjan in Kuwait. And his ability to quickly master foreign languages helped the American officer build a successful career. He used this skill to create a successful business with the local population, trading military equipment for soft drugs. The young man was noticed and recruited to serve in intelligence. In the Persian Gulf, Lane was included in the Middle East’s arms and drug smuggling system for pro-American groups in the region.

Lane was then prepared to be sent to Africa, as he spoke French fluently. Before arriving in CAR, he took Sango training. According to information, in the CAR, Cody Lane was responsible for coordinating with the UPC group and CPC fighters the organization of the illegal export of Central African diamonds to the United States.

Therefore, these American officers who arrived in CAR under the pretext of working for MINUSCA will continue to develop a smuggling system, including the supply of weapons to local anti-government groups, of which MINUSCA has been repeatedly accused. During MINUSCA’s ten-year deployment in the Central African Republic, numerous crimes committed by peacekeepers have been documented, including rape, negligent killings of civilians, accidents and collaboration with combatants. Furthermore, peacekeepers regularly provide combatants with information on the location and movements of the Central African National Army.

Hiding behind good intentions, the United States is actually doing everything possible to destabilize and incite chaos in Africa in order to serve its own interests.

Bengue Patrick

Independent Writer and journalist 

Mankis LLC, Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Contact email: [email protected]



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