June 18, 2024


Popular or well-known fashion designer Tracey Ratcliffe has sadly been confirmed dead at the age of 53.

Tracey Ratcliffe died suddenly several years after enduring a bitter £6.9million divorce battle.

A family court heard that Tracey’s ex-husband, Nicholas Ratcliffe, 64, had spied on her at their £1.3 million home using CCTV cameras.

The cause of Tracey Ratcliffe has not been determined or made public. She was 64 years old.

Champion News Service Ltd [email protected] Tel: 07948286566 / 07914583378 Tracey Ratcliffe, who is locked in ¿6.9m divorce court battle with ex Nicholas Ratcliffe

Did Tracey Ratcliffe Have Kids?

Tracey Ratcliffe could behaving children or kids but there is no information about them. We will keep you updated.



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