June 24, 2024


Troy Beckwith has died.

He died at age 48.

His death was announced by his colleague actress Kym Valentine, who played Libby Kennedy in The Neighbors.

Troy Beckwith was popular for the role he played Neighbours.

Beckwith appeared on the Australian soap from 1992 to 1998, replacing Samuel Hammington as the infamous villain Michael Martin. He was given the nickname “Sicko Micko” by fans of the soap.

Troy Beckwith Cause of Death

Troy Beckwith’s cause of death has not been reported.

Troy Beckwith Age

Troy Beckwith died at age 48.

Troy Beckwith Parents

Troy Beckwith even though he was popular, kept his family and personal life private. Nothing is available on his family.

Troy Beckwith Siblings

Just like information on his parents, Troy Beckwith kept information on his siblings private. We are not sure if he has siblings.

Troy Beckwith Wife

There is no information on whether Troy Beckwith was involved in any form of romantic relationship. He managed to keep his family out of the public. However, since this is a developing story, we will work at ensuring we keep you informed.

Troy Beckwith Children

There is no information on whether Troy Beckwith had children while he was alive. We have no information on whether he had biological children or adopted children.



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