June 24, 2024

A fetish priest in Accra, popularly known as Nana 5:30, stormed the Vision Power Ministry at Amamole, a suburb of Accra, on Thursday, February 22, 2024, to reportedly demand a charm he gave to the church.

According to reports, Nana 5:30 claimed he gave a charm to the leader of the church, Odeefour Agyenim Boateng, to help him get more members and also perform miracles.

A video shared by EDHUB, a social media handle on X, on Friday, February 23, 2024, showed the moment Nana 5:30 and his team stormed the Vision Power Ministry.

One of the fetish priest’s men could be seen digging into the ground to remove a charm he supposedly buried there.

After digging for some time, he brought out what looked like a tied cloth, which didn’t look like something that had been buried in the ground for even a day.

“… this is my charm; I have uprooted it. I was the one who buried it here. This is it; this is our charm; we have come back for our thing,” the fetish priest said.

The group claimed that the pastor absconded when he saw them coming to the church.

A woman who was in the church, believed to be the wife of the pastor, could be seen in the video challenging the claim of Nana 5:30 and his team that they gave a charm to the pastor.

She said the fetish priests were scammers and accused them of planting the supposed charm just to disgrace the pastor.

A closer look at the supposed charm, however, reveals it is very clean when one would have expected to see it looking dirty based on the claims of the fetish priest and his team.

Some X users who noticed this pointed it out in their comments.

“How can the rubber look so fresh or Ebi say them plant um that day norrrr. And how is the whole not that deep for burying something like this?” one person wrote.

Another X user noted, “The rubber looks fresh though, but who plants such things in earth with a rubber around it, it supposed to touch the earth raw not in a rubber, I don’t know but I feel this might be a set up.”

Watch a video of the incident and some of the comments on it below:

Watch a video of the incident and some of the comments on it below:

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