June 24, 2024

Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia‘s Youth Connect event in the Greater Accra Region was briefly interrupted by a power cut.

The Vice President, while delivering his campaign speech to the teeming youth gathered at the GNAT Hall on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, experienced an interruption due to a cut in the power supply.

The immediate silence and darkness that plunged the hall were met with loud shouts from the youth.

Ghanaians, over the past few months, have been dealing with intermittent power supply, also known as ‘dumsor’. The government, however, has assured of frantic efforts aimed at bringing the issue to an end.

Dr. Bawumia has been touring the country as part of his ongoing campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

His tour has seen him hold meetings with youth groups, traditional leaders, the clergy, and members of various organizations in various regions, promoting his campaign message and vision.

Watch video below:

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