June 14, 2024

Nigerian producer Adamna Luke, the producer of the movie whose filming led to the death of actor Junior Pope and several others, has broken her silence following the tragedy.

Adanma Luke has gotten herself into trouble after blaming Junior Pope for his own demise.

In her submission, she claimed that the actor was offered a life jacket but he turned it down, claiming it was too dirty.

She also expressed her grief for the death of the actor, who was a father of three, and some other crew members.

Watch her below…

Her claim has annoyed social media users who slammed her for bearing false witness against a dead person.

“I dey support u before but u don fuck up…..jnr first video on that water was basically portraying grief and fear!!…. So why will he reject the life jacket??????” one netizen said.

Another added: “Thank God jnr pope made a video sayin no live jacket, he b like say he kw say you b lion,sorry lioness. Bloody lier😒😒😒,”


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