June 14, 2024


Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has been summoned by chiefs in the Ashanti Region.

He is expected to join Chairman Wontumi when he appears before the Chiefs on January 29, 2024.

Maurice Ampaw is said to have made some disparaging comments about Chiefs in the Ashanti Region that did not sit down well with the Chiefs.

In comments he made on Movement Television, he made several allegations against the Chiefs, indicating that they allegedly sell stool lands, among others.

Apart from lands, he alleged that some Chiefs are womanizers who sleep with people’s wives and girlfriends.

“Those Chiefs calling for the head of Chairman Wontumi have you finished solving the problems you have? You people are a thorn in the flesh of the Otumfuo. You sell stool land to two or more people. Some of you are thieves who cause problems for the Otumfuo. He has spoken about this several times, but you don’t change.

There are Chiefs who are stealing from the people, sleeping with people’s fiancees, and also sleeping with people’s wives,” he alleged on Movement Television.



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