June 14, 2024


When you are running an eCommerce store, it becomes really very complex and challenging for you to look after all the management responsibilities by yourself. You will find it a hassle to juggle between your core operations and the repetitive management tasks. 

Now, the core operations are important for you to pay more attention, as it will directly help you with your business expansion. But for repetitive tasks, it is better if you hire eCommerce product store management VAs! 

By delegating some of your repetitive or monotonous store operation or management tasks to VAs, you will be able to free yourself up to focus on the core operations. Your eCommerce store management assistants can help you with product listing, price updation, order tracking, inventory management, and other such activities. 

But, if you want a bit more clarity into what type of tasks can an eCommerce store management VA help your business with, read this article till the end! 

How Can the eCommerce Store Management VAs Help Streamline the Operations?

Hiring eCommerce product store management VA can be indispensable for your new business, as such professionals are highly trained and have skills to handle diverse admin and routine tasks. This way, you will be free from the time-straining store management functions and focus more on the expansion attributes. 

So, to help you feel more convinced about hiring an eCommerce store management VA to streamline your online business, here are the tasks for you to count on:

1. Order Management

As the online shopping culture is booming, your store will need ample management operations to move ahead in a streamlined manner. Therefore, hiring an eCommerce product store management VA will help you look after the orders, return requests, and fulfillment tasks with utmost proficiency. 

This way, you can expect your store to boom in terms of sales and generate immense productivity. It doesn’t matter whether you seek BigCommerce, Shopify, or Magento product store management; handling orders is of utmost importance, and the right VAs will help you with them. 

2. Inventory Management

When you are dealing with a lot of products in your eCommerce store, you will have to be quite more focused on managing the inventory. And that’s how you will be able to ensure simplified productivity for your business growth. But, handling the complex inventory management tasks all by yourself might be too daunting, and the chance of making mistakes will be high. 

Therefore, it is better to hire eCommerce store management services and let them handle your inventory-centric tasks. The VAs will act as your store’s inventory manager and will monitor the stock levels, update the same on the site, and inform suppliers when there is a need for restocking the demanding goods. 

3. Site Maintenance

Your job isn’t done right after you have your online store ready. Maintaining the site over time is equally important! Customers will bounce away from your site if any feature or web page is broken on your store. This way, you will lose your sales opportunities! Therefore, hiring eCommerce store management services will let you employ VAs to look after the site maintenance needs. 

Irrespective of whether you seek Magento, BigCommerce, or Shopify VA, do appoint them the site maintenance duty, where they will be optimizing the web pages and will ensure the navigation is seamless for customers. This way, your potential customers will have the best shopping experience when they are in your brand store. 

4. Social Media Handling or Management

When you plan on implementing a positive brand presence, it is important to keep a tab on your social media reputation. Being active on social media platforms will enable you to engage with the audience and promote the business online. However, keeping social media management tasks to yourself will block you from focusing on other aspects of your store. 

Social media channels demand time and consistency from brands to give them the reputation and exposure they need. Therefore, it is better to hire eCommerce store management services for employing Magento, BigCommerce or Shopify VA to handle your brand’s social media channels. They will be creating engaging posts and posting them in a scheduled manner to make your brand consistent and on trend over social media. 

5. Customer Support

The most integral task that an eCommerce store management VA can help you with is customer support! Without ensuring customer satisfaction, it isn’t possible for you to win a successful position in this competitive industry. Therefore, by hiring your BigCommerce, Shopify, or Magento product store management VAs, you will be able to provide timely resolutions to your customers’ queries or questions. 

They will also be addressing the reviews and social media post comments to ensure your clients or customers are happy with your brand offerings. May it be live chat, phone support, or email support, the VAs will be able to handle them all! 

6. SEO and Email Marketing

To ensure your products and brand are on top of the SERPs, it is important the content on the site is SEO-centric. Amidst all the operational and core tasks, planning on SEO will demand more time and effort. Therefore, it is better to hire professional VAs for the job and let them optimize the store content and make it rank higher on the SERPs. They will do keyword research, add meta tags, edit ALT texts in images, and make other such changes as necessary.

Beyond that, you can also implement B2B email automation for your dedicated marketing needs. Expert VAs will prepare campaigns and make sure that the email marketing approach is turning out to be productive. Apart from implementing the email automation tactics, the VAs will also keep a tab on the campaign performance metrics to make necessary optimizations and enhance the productivity quotient. 

Parting Words

These are some of the tasks that the eCommerce store management VAs can help you with! In short, you can hand out all of your repetitive management tasks to these remote professionals while your in-house team alongside you, can focus on the technical aspects of growing the store, such as product research, sourcing, or development. 

There are also dedicated VAs who are proficient in helping you with product research in the market to help analyze what’s in demand and what can bring in more sales to your store. Thus, hiring a VA is undoubtedly a winning strategy for you to implement! 



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